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№ 4 (2019) Asymptotics of the mild solution of awave equation in three-dimensional space driven by a general stochastic measure Анотація   PDF (English)
I. M. Bodnarchuk
№ 2 (2019) Representation of Words in Natural Language Processing: А Survey Анотація   PDF (English)
Y. A. Losieva
№ 3 (2018) About asymptotic behavior of the mathematical expectation of the total energy of the harmonic oscillator with random perturbation Анотація   PDF (English)
O. I. Zimin, G. L. Kulinich
№ 1 (2019) About general solutions of Euler’s and Navier-Stokes equations Анотація   PDF (English)
V. I. Rozumniuk
№ 1 (2019) Acoustic radiation force effect on a spherical drop placed in the vicinity of an ideal liquid free surface Анотація   PDF (English)
O. P. Zhuk, Y. A. Zhuk
№ 1-2 (2020) Adhesive contact of elastic solids with stohastic roughness Анотація   PDF (English)
I. K. Valeeva
№ 1-2 (2020) Alternative estimate of curve exceeding probability of sub-Gaussian random process Анотація   PDF (English)
O. D. Kollie, R. E. Yamnenko
№ 4 (2018) Analysis of pre-training and initialization methods of neural networks Анотація   PDF
B. V. Bobyl, V. M. Tereschenko
№ 1 (2019) Analysis of reservoir’s mass influence on the system free – surfaced liquid and spherical reservoir Анотація   PDF (English)
O. S. Limarchenko, Y. A. Sliusarchuk
№ 1 (2019) Analytical model of deformation of flange with concatenated shell under internal pressure Анотація   PDF (English)
O. G. Kutsenko, O. M. Kharytonov, L. V. Kharytonova
№ 1 (2019) Application of a quasi-linear visco-elastic model for the creep of a non-heterogeneous geological media prediction Анотація   PDF (English)
B. P. Maslov
№ 1 (2019) Application of the finite element-differences method for modeling of filtration processes Анотація   PDF (English)
M. V. Lubkov
№ 4 (2019) Applying information technologies to mathematical education of IT specialists in English-speaking academic groups Анотація   PDF (English)
O. W. Karupu, T. A. Oleshko, V. V. Pakhnenko, A. O. Pashko
№ 2 (2019) Approximate method of solving one periodic optimal regulated boundary value problem Анотація   PDF   PDF (English)
I. M. Askerov
№ 2 (2019) Architecture of the Platform for the E-Government Open Data Анотація   PDF
M. Alhawawsha
№ 1 (2019) Asymptotic analysis of the singularly perturbed Korteweg-de Vries equation Анотація   PDF (English)
V. H. Samoilenko, Yu. I. Samoilenko, V. S. Vovk
№ 4 (2018) Automated information measuring system for monitoring characteristics of atmospheric ozone Анотація   PDF
A. V. Brytan, B. A. Ivanov, V. B. Osis
№ 2 (2019) Basic Characteristics and Industrial Application of Styrene Copolymer-Based Thermoplastic Elastomers (Overview) Анотація   PDF
V. V. Talanyuk, A. O. Shadrin, M. V. Yurzhenko
№ 3 (2019) Baxter estimates of the Hurst parameter of fractional Brownian motion Анотація   PDF
A. O. Pashko, O. O. Synyavska
№ 1 (2019) Bending by concentrated force of thin plate located on elastic foundation and weakened by contact crack Анотація   PDF (English)
M. V. Makoviichuk, I. P. Shatskyi
№ 4 (2019) Berry-Esseen bound for nearly critical branching processes with immigration Анотація   PDF (English)
Ya. Khusanbaev, S. Sharipov, V. Golomoziy
№ 2 (2019) Calculation the production cross-section of the BSM boson via photon fusion reaction Анотація   PDF
O. V. Barabash
№ 2 (2019) Cardiorespiratory system as system with limited excitation Анотація   PDF
E. D. Pechuk, T. S. Krasnopolskaya, M. O. Rudnytska
№ 1 (2019) Circular thermoactive interphase inclusion in a piecewise homogeneous transversal-isotropic space Анотація   PDF (English)
O. F. Kryvyi, Yu. O. Morozov
№ 2 (2019) Comparative effectiveness of throttled and relay rocket engines for low-gravity near-Earth flights Анотація   PDF
I. Yu. Vasiliev, Ya. V. Tkachenko
№ 3 (2019) Conservation laws in dynamic fracture tasks Анотація   PDF
V. O. Husak
№ 1 (2019) Consideration of wear in plane contact of rectangular punch and elastic half-plane Анотація   PDF (English)
V. M. Onyshkevych, G. T. Sulym
№ 3 (2018) Consistency of Konker-Bassett estimators in linear regression model Анотація   PDF (English)
O. V. Ivanov, N. V. Kaptur, I. M. Savych
№ 1 (2019) Control of a reservoir partially filled with liquid based on Gauss's principle of least constraint (deceleration task) Анотація   PDF (English)
O. V. Konstantinov
№ 3 (2018) Convergence rate for the estimation of impulse response function in the space of continuous functions Анотація   PDF (English)
I. V. Rozora
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